Photography allows me the ability to seek out God's miracles. Every flower, every tree, every creature is a reminder of His grace and love, and provides the ability to share this with others.

I am inspired to capture that rare photo that can bring a smile, instill hope, touch a heart and take you to a place of peace if only for a moment. If I can do just one of these, then I will have accomplished what I was purposed to do.



Mary P. Bowman, a nature photographer, was born in Seattle, Washington in 1948 and has lived in Olympia, Washington since 1977. Recently retired following the death of her husband from cancer and her mother from Alzheimer’s disease, Bowman’s passion for photography peaked,  inspiring her to capture the beauty and peace of God’s creation in the midst of a storm.

Her studies have included courses through the local community centers and community college. She has received recognition with photo of the day awards from, a source of digital camera information and news founded by photographer Steve Sanders. showcased Bowman’s photograph of the Blue Moon on their online gallery honoring the burial of the great Neil Armstrong in August, 2012. Her most recent works have been displayed in Olympia, WA for Arts Walk, a community event for local artists.



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